Pre & Post Care

Pre / Post care treatment will vary based on the treatment you receive. This is just an example of what to expect with some pre and post care requirements.

Pre & Post Care

Pre Care for Laser treatments

The area to be treated must be clean-shaven. Unshaven clients will be rescheduled.

Avoid UV exposure 7 days prior to your treatment. Clients who are sunburned or tanned must wait 2 weeks before being treated to avoid additional skin damage.

Avoid sunless tanning products 7 days prior to your treatment.

Avoid all alpha hydroxy and beta hydroxyl products for 7 days prior to treatment: (AHA/BHA), hydroquinone, retinols/retinoid, Tazorac, and Differin.

Clients must stop waxing, tweezing and chemical epilation 3 weeks prior to treatment.

Clients with any abnormal lesions, moles or spots on the area to be treated must be cleared by a medical practitioner prior to treatment.

Clients who have used Accutane or similar products within the last 6 months CANNOT have laser hair removal treatments.

Post Care for Laser treatments

Using a broad spectrum UVA/UVB SPF 30 or higher is critical when receiving laser treatments and is recommended for ongoing maintenance.

Avoid extended UV exposure for 7 days post-treatment.

Avoid any added heat to the area ie: hot showers, hot tubs, exercise, saunas for at least 48 hours.

Do not wax, pluck or remove hair by force. Shaving is permitted.

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